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E-Studio 101 IT Upgrade Project Changes

Depending on where you are up to in your course (and project) you will need to select from the below. 

This page is arranged by Unit Code, so you should open only the unit you are working on in class to avoid confusion.

BSBPMG533 - Manage Project Cost Change #1: During the execution phase, installation of the AP's, the electrician has encountered an issue whereby they cannot complete the wiring of one of the access points due to existing infrastructure in the roof blocking their path. They have found an alternative solution, but this is going to take them an extra 1 week to complete as they need to get some additional contractors in to remove the blockages. This will add another $2k to the project as well. Be sure to consider any changes to the timeline, cost, scope and communication with stakeholders for this change. Change#2: During the execution phase, where your Network Technician is configuring the AP's and Router, they are encountering a bug which is stopping them from completing the work on time. They need to get in contact with the supplier of the devices to help them find a workaround for the problem they are facing. Time will still need to be billed to the project while this occurs, and will cause delays to the project. The cost and time impact for this is unknown at this stage, but the technician will keep you updated with the hours they are using to contact and collaborate with the supplier. After 3 weeks duration (and 20hours of technician time), it has been discovered that it is an issue with the Access Points and the supplier will take another 3 months to resolve the issue. They have suggested to purchase a different set of AP's that is known to work more effectively with the Router that is being configured. This will cost another $2,500 to procure, and this includes a discount from the supplier due to the issues faced.

BSBPMG531 - Manage Project Time No Spoilers at this time.

BSBPMG535 - Manage Project Information and Communication No Spoilers at this time.

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