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Get to Know Us

E-Studio 101 is a training organisation providing opportunities for students to experience real-life projects to work on whilst studying in the area.


The studio mainly focuses on creative industries such as Graphics Design, Photography and Videography.

The business operates alongside a sister-company for marketing purposes - 101 Marketing.

Their projects range from creating new designs for clients to updating their own internal systems or facilities.

E-Studio 101 has 100 students studying in the creative areas and has 3 Educators (or Mentors) and 4 administrative staff. They are expecting to expand soon and obtain at least another 3 mentors in the creative faculty.

How are you involved?

You have recently been employed by the company as a Project Manager to help them with some of their internal and external projects. The company has various policies and procedures you will need to familiarise yourself with before undertaking projects to ensure consistency and accurate documentation.


Visit our meet the team page to find out more about our team.

Want to know more about how we run?

Please see our polices and procedures page here.

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