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E-Studio 101 Student Marketing Gig Projec

Depending on where you are up to in your course (and project) you will need to select from the below. 

This page is arranged by Unit Code, so you should open only the unit you are working on in class to avoid confusion.

BSBPMG533 - Manage Project Cost Change #1: During the Execution phase of the project, the client liked the mock-up and has said they would like to now get the label created. This was not scoped as a part of the original quote and requires additional effort to create the 'flat design' for print. It is estimated that this will take an additional 5 days (40hours) to complete, not including the testing of any printed labels. If the client wants print tests, this will incur an additional cost and time. Fill out a scope change request and get approval from the sponsor to add this to the scope, and consider the time and cost impacts to the project. •Label needs to adhere to the following: •Bottle size: 8 x 8 x 22 cm •Any labelling needs to adhere to all legislative/standards requirements for packaging on alcohol in Australia: ; Liquor Act 1992 (; Liquor Regulation 2002 (; Competition and Consumer Act 2010 •The label needs to have the following oFront: Brand name & Drink name, Volume, % of alcohol oBack: Volume, Alcohol content, Standard Drinks, Allergens, Origin, Company details, Codes, Logos, true nature statement, Nutritional information Change #2: : During the Execution phase of the project, the client has added the need for some smaller labels to be added to the project, as they are going to be releasing a small 250ml bottle to go into taster packs when they release the gin. They will need the label designed, as well as promotional 'packaging' of a 3 250ml bottles of gins from their cocktails collection. Consider the time and cost impacts to the project.

BSBPMG531 - Manage Project Time No Spoilers at this time.

BSBPMG535 - Manage Project Information and Communication No Spoilers at this time.

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