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E-Studio 101 Studio Upgrade Project

Depending on where you are up to in your course (and project) you will need to select from the below. 

This page is arranged by Unit Code, so you should open only the unit you are working on in class to avoid confusion.

BSBPMG533 - Manage Project Cost Change #1: During the execution phase of the project, the contractor you hired to create the plasterboard wall did not show up and is not returning any of your calls. You have already paid for their services, but will need to find another supplier to complete the wall before the end of the project. You need to consider how long it will take you to find an alternative supplier and the additional cost it might have due to the urgency of it being completed. It’s estimated this will be 15% more than what you already have paid. You will need to consider the time and cost impacts to the project. Change #2: During the execution phase of the project, your team has unpacked the backgrounds to be installed, but found the supplier has sent the wrong kind of screen. They were meant to send the ones that can be rolled down, but instead have provided one that sits on the floor to be pulled up. The sponsor will not accept this as a modification and only the original order should be used. You need to consider how long it will take to get the required product from the supplier and return of the incorrect product, and the hiring of the rigger for another day to install it properly.

BSBPMG531 - Manage Project Time No Spoilers at this time.

BSBPMG535 - Manage Project Information and Communication No Spoilers at this time.

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